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I’m Sanja Kon and my passion is helping people to create an extraordinary quality of life.

A decade ago, I thought that the purpose of life was to scale the corporate ladder fast and ahead of time.

I also wanted to look perfect, be the perfect partner, daughter and friend.

I struggled with anxiety, depression and disordered eating.

On the surface, it looked like I had all my “shit together”, but on the inside I felt miserable, unhappy and sad.

I wasn’t able to enjoy any of the amazing moments in life or take proper care of myself.

At age 24, I had a complete physical and emotional breakdown.


We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”. 

I am here to help you achieve the ultimate vision of your life, by sharing all the experiences that led me to obtain success and fulfilment, even in the most challenging times.

Create the life you desire serves as a vessel to project my passions,

and clue in curious readers as to what inspires me and keeps me motivated in this crazy world.

So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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Speaking Opportunities

I'm passionate about speaking at events, conferences, meet-ups and corporate training days. 


Advising & Business Consulting

I can advise on building and implementing your business vision and corporate strategy:

(please note: due to my agenda and full time work I can only accept one clients at a time)


Speaking Opportunities

I review products and services that are relevant to the following categories:

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